DJ for your musical coverage of your event.

Music services. Dj for marriage, baptism, party and any kind of event.

Dj for marriage!

One of the most beautiful moments in a couple's life is the wedding day. Our great experience combined with your own preferences can guarantee a unique result!

Dj for marriage in Kalamata and all Messinia.

Dj for baptism!

It is the day your child takes his name with the mystery of baptism. Give him a fun party and a beautiful, dance event for you and all your friends and guests!

Dj for baptism in Kalamata and all Messinia.

Dj for a company!

We can cover the uniqueness of corporate events (eg inaugurations, awards, etc.), your style and musical preferences, our experience and our professionalism!

Dj for a company in Kalamata and all Messinia.

Dj for a party!

Make your party unforgettable to you and your guests! Whether it's a Halloween party, birthday, graduation, promotion, etc., we guarantee you the best result!

Dj for parties in Kalamata and all Messinia.

Why to choose us?

There are too many parameters that can determine the success of a wedding reception, a baptism, a corporate event, and generally any party. From these parameters, the most important, is the music that accompanies every circumstance.

Always in cooperation with you, we are discussing the type of your event, your musical preferences at every point of the event and we are composing together the music of the evening!

Our great experience in such events, our huge discos in all kinds, our passion and our professionalism, can guarantee the best result for a strong, unique and magical night that will be truly unforgettable!

Dj for any kind of social event or party. Dj wedding, baptism, inaugurations, corporate events, rebirth, carnival parties, dance schools ....

Dj in Kalamata and throughout Messinia

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Give the most beautiful moment of your life the glamor it deserves!

  • Messy machines.
  • Cables hanging.
  • Bad sound.
  • Monotonous lighting.
  • Emergency problems that may occur, such as machine malfunction

We provide:
  • Special, beautiful constructions to cover machinery and cables.
  • Quality sound
  • Impressive lighting.
  • With all of our equipment, there is also backup equipment available for zero interruption of fun

Really which of the two images do you prefer?

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Ilias Klimentidis

DJ for wedding, baptism, corporate event, party and any kind of event in Kalamata and all Messinia.

I come from Kalamata and from a very young age I discovered my great love for music. From a very young age, I started to build my own record label for most types of music. The music that I've been working on contains genres such as Pop, House, Rock, Techno, Greek etc...

Professionally I started at 16 and I played music, among others as a resident or guest, in some of the best clubs & bars in Kalamata and Messinia in general, as well as in Athens, Kos, Italy.

Sometimes some of the venues are Nostos, Space, Ethos, Champs, Amerikaniko, Elaia, Zithos, Kahlua, Cozi, Alector, Chiapas, Peiratiko, Memphis, Factory, Klepsidra, Tama, Vogue, Starlight, Momos, Sillentio, Rock, Alba, Copa, Horizon Blu, Come Back, Enallax, Enigma, El Mestizo, Ippotiko, Ilision, Royal, Mezzo, Lithari, Avenue as well as many events such as marriage, christenings, inaugurations, carnival parties etc...
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Areas of coverage of events, wedding, baptism, parties.

The areas we can cover with DJ events such as wedding, baptism and other social events are Kalamata, Messina, Mani and generally the wider area of Messinia.